Badass Shopkeeper Lady on Cherokee, Age 60, Scares off Armed Robber with Gunshot

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The 60-year-old shopkeeper here scared off an armed robber with a gunshot
Police did not use the term "badass" in their report, but we will.

Yesterday morning, a badass 60-year-old Asian shopkeeper lady fought back against an armed robber and scared him off with a gunshot.

Just after 9 am on Wednesday, cops say, the suspect entered the Asian World Market at 3106 Cherokee Street in Gravois Park.

The suspect was described as a thin black male about five feet tall, clad in a blue hoodie, dark pants, dark shoes, white belt, a full red face mask and brown gloves.

(Daily RFT will describe him as a scourge on society. But we digress.)

He came in with a white bag and pulled out a dark-colored handgun. He announced he was going to rob her.

So what did she do? It was not a safe move, but she did it anyway. 

This take-no-shit lady decided to pull out her own gun and fire at him.

What did he do? He ran away, down Minnesota Street.

The investigation, police say, is ongoing.

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I live on Cherokee and the punk who tries to mug me is going to get his ass handed to him. Hell, if a little old Asian woman ain't afraid, the rest of us need to step up............................


Safer for her maybe. That bullet missed me by 4ft when it came through my storefront window a block down!


Screw this cooperate and don't resist bullshit.  Pulling a gun and fighting back is probaly the safest thing a person can do.  He already had a gun of his own.  Real scary dudes right?  So scary they run as soon as you decide to shoot at them.  Want to know how to reduce crime?  Make criminals believe they have a fight coming every time they fuck with average citizens.

James Bragado
James Bragado

Cheers to her for sticking up for herself! That dick will think twice about robbing someone else, I hope.


But it missed you...didn't it.  Would you rather read about her being dead?  We have a civil courts system.  Take her to court for damages.  Who knows, it might even motivate her and others to be better shots.  Dead thugs are bette than escaped ones.  That's an outcome we can all enjoy.

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