Beefing Up Security at Schools: Nice Gesture, Poor Solution

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In reaction to the Newtown school massacre, the St. Louis County Police Department is beefing up security at area schools. Chief Tim Fitch tweeted it on Friday:

That's a telling way to put it.

Notice he didn't say, "We hope our presence will make the kids safer."

Granted, increased presence of police officers probably will make the kids safer to some degree. However, the cops can't be everywhere at once, and as Adam Lanza has shown, a person with the right assault rifle and high-capacity magazine can commit an awful lot of murder in an astonishingly brief time.

This is part of how our nation reacts to mass shootings: We immediately increase security for a while. But that costs money, and Americans don't like tax increases. So after a time, we go back to normal.

"Normal" describes the atmosphere in Newton, Connecticut right before Adam Lanza massacred 20 innocent children.

Real solutions would mean finding better ways to keep dangerous guns out of dangerous hands while also honoring the Second Amendment; or finding a way to put trained mental health professionals in a position to notice people like Lanza; or, as I said, increasing taxes in order to add more security measures in schools on a permanent basis.

It's true that the danger to schoolchildren in St. Louis has slightly risen due to the threat of copycat crimes. But slightly increasing security only allows up to keep up with, and not get ahead of, the danger.

Soon, we'll go back to normal. And normal is not safe, clearly.

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egolterman topcommenter

no, cops can't be everywhere at once but school principals and assistant principals trained and certified with immediate access to a weapon would be the 'beef' up school security quite adequately. Would save a lot of lives.  


The real solution to this problem is getting rid of the myth of the gun-free zone and replacing no weapons allowed signs with signs that read, "prinicpals, faculty and parents of these children may be carrying concealed weapons and attempts to harm children will be met with deadly force."  Solutions to school shootings are to have good people armed at those schools that will kill people like Adam Lanza, immediately and with extreme violence.  In an America with 310 million firearms owned by nearly half the US population, that is the only real solution.

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