Benny Hill, St. Louis Homicide No. 107: Stabbed in Neck, Dumped from a Van

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Benny Hill, homicide number 107, was stabbed to death Monday night
Last night just after 9 pm, the city cops responded to a "person struck" call in the 5400 block of Page Avenue in the West End neighborhood.

When they arrived, they found the body of Benny Hill, a 53-year-old white male.

He'd been stabbed in the neck. He was pronounced dead on the scene, but the cause of death hasn't been determined, police say.

Hill's listed address was the 2800 block of Miami Street in the Gravois Park neighborhood.

During the ensuing investigation, witnesses told cops that a black male suspect pulled Hill out of a white van that had "ECS" on the side and dumped him on the side of the road. Police spokesman David Marzullo tells us that the acronym stands for "Executive Cleaning Services."

A van matching that description was located this morning at about 7 am in the 4300 block of Kossuth Avenue in the O'Fallon neighborhood.

Investigation is ongoing.

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It's too bad he wasn't carrying a gun, especially in that neighborhood.  Never bring your fists to a knife fight.


Witnesses also noted Yakety Sax blaring from the speakers of the Executive Cleaning Services van.

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