ESTL Councilwoman & Companion Insult, Push Down Elderly Best Buy Employee

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East STL Councilwoman Latoya Greenwood and companion Hickey Thompson had a bad day at Best Buy
Back on December 19, police in Fairview Heights responded to a "battery" call from the Best Buy at 26 Plaza Drive. Little did they know an upstanding civic leader was involved (and by "upstanding," I mean "childish hothead").

When officers arrived at about 12:45 pm, they learned that two customers in the store -- a male and female -- had approached the exit doors with an item.

So, following protocol in a way that's familiar to anybody that frequents Best Buy, a "loss prevention officer" (the anti-shoplifting door-guy) asked them to produce a receipt.

The woman grew irate, cops say.

She shouted obscenities at the male employee, who was 61 years old. Her companion "struck him in the face with an open hand," causing him to fall to the ground. (Was it a bitch slap? Was it a face shove? Not sure.) Then, as the employee lay on the ground, the woman stood over him and continued to shout cuss words at him.

This charming lady, it turns out, was none other than East St. Louis Councilwoman Latoya N. Greenwood, 38, whose listed address is on the 2700 block of McCasland in East Boogie. She was cited for disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor.

Her companion's name was Hickey Thompson, 39, whose listed address is the same as Greenwood's. He was taken to jail and charged with aggravated battery, a felony.

Here's an incredible irony: Greenwood's LinkedIn profile says she's an assistant human resources director at East St. Louis School District 189. That's right, she's in HR. Probably thanks to her people skills.

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Just like a politician. Apparently she thinks the rules don't apply to
her. Twit was probably parked in the fire lane or a handicapped space


Those two people are just trash. Instead of just showing the receipt and going on with their day, they chose to verbally and physically assault a worker. If anyone should sue, it's the victim!!

scott19674 topcommenter

I am shocked.  SHOCKED!

No I'm not.


Finish the story. Did she have a receipt for the item or not? If not, then why wasn't she arrested for attempted larceny? An innocent person would have readily produced a receipt. What she and her thug boyfriend did is a sure sign of guilt. Upstanding civic leader, my ass. She's just a garden variety shoplifter who should have sent to jail with her thug boyfriend.


@KITTY How do you know they were thugs and not having a bad day. Thugs usually have records. Also, shitty reporting. Putting their address out there is not cool. Where they found guilty in a court of law for any crimes? SMDH, I would sue.


@veaseylover @KITTY I've had a lot of BAD days and never assaulted anyone. Get real!!

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