RFT's 10 Biggest Stories of 2012

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5) Sneak Peek at Mizzou's New Football Helmet?

We discovered a graphic designer whose obsession with the Mizzou Tigers eventually influenced the team's new uniform design.

4) Monarch to Close on March 11

Why a fine-dining establishment helmed by the well-respected chef Josh Galliano closed its doors for good.

3) Westboro Baptist Church to Raise Funds for LGBT Equality

The God-Hates-Fags people planned to protest Clayton High School for their tolerance of LGBT students. This drew the school much attention, which they then used to raise money for the Gay-Straight Alliance. Eat it, Fred Phelps.

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@GFXLAB All of the information in the Machinima Story is crazy dated and its all about "braindeadly.'

Ryan Sea
Ryan Sea

i want to meet scamwich!!! please sir contact me!!

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