Blaec Lammers's Parents Speak Out In Wake of Newtown Murders

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Blaec Lammers
In the wake of such horrific crimes in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York state, it should come as no surprise that the parents of thwarted shooter Blaec Lammers (of Bolivar) have been asked for their perspective on the shootings.

The Lammers appeared over the weekend in the local paper to stress their sympathy with all the victims of those crimes, but also to emphasize the difficulty that they encountered trying to get adequate mental health care for their son.

The Lammers say they've spent tens of thousands of dollars on hospitalizations for Blaec but do not believe in gun control. The Springfield News-Ledger has the scoop, and below, there's a very brief video interview with the couple:

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Of course they don't believe in gun control.  Gun control is useless and unnecessary if parents would better monitor their children, be observant and suspicious, and have a true zero tolerance policy for violent threats, behaviour and acting out.  A massacre didn't happen in Bolivar because they acted quickly and decisively and saved lives.

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