Two Charged in Facebook Marijuana Deal That Turned Violent

Categories: Crime
Kai Bowers (left) and Dion Price charged in Dellwood shooting
Last Saturday, a man in Dellwood wanted pot, so he went on Facebook.

St. Louis County Police aren't releasing a lot of details, but they say that the man contacted one of the following 17-year-olds: Kai D. Bowers of Florissant, or Dion Price of St. Louis.

It was Bowers and Price, cops say, who drove to the victim's residence in the 1600 block of Chesley in Dellwood under the pretense of delivering the cannabis. 

But they had something else in mind: Robbery.

The victim was robbed, and then shot.

But officers caught up with Bowers and Price, and on Christmas Eve, county prosecutors charged each with assault, robbery and two counts of armed criminal action.

A $100,000 cash-only bond was originally issued for each. According to Casenet, Price posted bond yesterday; Bowers' bond was lowered today to $65,000.

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