Cable Guy Returns to Customer's House to Rape Her, But Cops Interrupt Him

Categories: Crime
Cable guy James Helderle, 21, has been accused of raping a customer.
James M. Helderle, a 21-year-old from St. Charles, is a cable guy -- allegedly, the horrible and rape-y kind of cable guy.

Helderle has been charged with burglary, felonious restraint, forcible sodomy, robbery, and armed criminal action. Here's the narrative the police are telling:

Helderle did cable-guy work at a woman's residence in the Southernside Apartments of O'Fallon at some point on Tuesday.

That night, the woman was at home and on the phone with her boyfriend. Before the call ended, the boyfriend heard unusual sounds in the background.

So at 12:41 am, he called police and requested that they go check on her.

When they did, cops say, Helderle exited a sliding-glass door and jumped from a second-floor balcony, then fled. It took them a few hours to find him, but they eventually did.

As for the female victim, she was found bound and gagged. She was treated at a hospital, then released.

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