Circuit Attorney Resurrects Map Showing Who's Banned From Your Neighborhood

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The Circuit Attorney lets you see who's banned from your neighborhood
The Circuit Attorney's website got a facelift on Friday -- and has resurrected a map showing which criminal defendants are banned from where you live (a.k.a. "neighborhood orders of protection"). 

Former Circuit Clerk Mariano Favazza had first launched such a web feature in July 2010, but it was shut down in January 2011 by his successor and current Circuit Clerk, Jane Schweitzer, who cited Missouri Supreme Court Rules prohibiting clerks from publishing photos of defendants online.

Susan Ryan, spokeswoman for Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, says this new online database was set up in cooperation with the clerk's office.

"It was decided that the CAO website would be a more appropriate location for the data," she just wrote to Daily RFT in an e-mail.

(To see who's banned from your own corner of the city, go here.)

The new site also makes it a little easier to see what's up with cases involving your neighborhood.

If you click here, you can either search by defendant's name or by your neighborhood.

Searching by neighborhood (using either the map or the drop-down list) will pull up case info going back into 1990s. It appears in alphabetical order, but you can hit "Offense Date" and that will re-arrange it all chronologically.

Then, when you click on a particular case, you can learn (1) who the attorneys were, (2) who the judge was, (3) what the prosecution asked for, and (4) what sentence was actually handed down. Here's an example:

Here's an example of the case info available on the CA's new site

Below you can watch the welcome video to new site, featuring Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce:

Website Welcome Video from Circuit Attorney on Vimeo.

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