Veolia Water Contract Sent Back to Committee Over Concerns About Company's Reputation

For now, the contract is stalled.

Another member of STL-PSC, Anna Baltzer (author of the book A Witness in Palestine and a one-time Daily Show guest) says she was pleased with the outcome.

"I think it highlighted that there's a lot more under the surface of Veolia, and in a democracy these things should be transparent," she says.

She says she hopes that the city will build a hearing into the process of reinvestigating its contract to allow members of the public to speak about Veolia. The group is also planning to hold a public lecture about the company on January 10 for anyone who'd like to learn more. Information will be on their website.

She added that she is now also interested in taking a look at Veolia's work on the steam loop.

"We have a choice now. Are we going to continue to fund this corporation?" she says. "We hope that that contract will not be renewed."

Check out a copy of a press release put out by STL-PSC ahead of the meeting below. We forwarded a copy to Veolia North America's press department in Chicago for response and have not heard back.

PSC Veolia Contract Statement

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