Deondre Elem, St. Louis Homicide No. 108: Shot in the Head in Vandeventer

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Deondre Elem was St. Louis homicide No. 108
Details are scant on St. Louis' latest homicide.

Last evening at around 6:20 pm, officers fielded a call about a "person down" in the Vandeventer neighborhood.

That, sadly, turned out to be accurate.

Officers arrived at the 4300 block of East Fairfax Court to find the body of Deondre Elem.

Elem was a 29-year-old black male from the 14400 block of Bantry Lane in St. Louis County (near Clayton Road and 141).

He'd been shot in the head, and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The investigation continues, police say.

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egolterman topcommenter

This 'kind' of puts more funding for the Arch, walking and biking trails, Dome 2, Ballpark Village, in perspective. 108 compared with last year?


My heart goes out to his family! I really wish I had heard something so I could have help the police. I hope the police catch this horrible monster. My prayers and deepest sympathies to Deondre Elem's family.


@parkersmommy5 They found the kid who killed him. He was a 17yr old and is now in custody. He will face charges in a couple of days. Deondre was in the process of selling his car and this unknown kid contacted Deondre saying he was interested in buying the car. But when Deondre got there he was shot in the head and the kid stole his car.

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