Hotshots Sports Bar Sued for "Racist" Servers and "Ghetto Specials"

Categories: Racism

He apparently got Server 1 to start doing her job, but she asked in a "sarcastic and insincere tone about whether they wanted more drinks."

Finally, the complaint says the same location had signs up proclaiming "Ghetto Specials" were available. An attorney for the group, Mark Potashnick, says he isn't sure what the "Ghetto Special" was and Daily RFT can't find any evidence online that this was ever an official, Hotshots-sanctioned offering.

Potashnick says his clients complained to Hotshots corporate office and got the brush-off. They also filed a complaint with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights, which did its own investigation and concluded on December 6th that all six plaintiffs have the right to sue for discrimination. Potashnick says he's handled discrimination cases that take place at restaurants before, but this one's a little different.

"Usually it's from the perspective of African-American employees that have to work alongside with waiters, waitresses, bartenders, who say things like, 'I'm not waiting on black people, they don't tip,'" he says. "It's more rare that the customers can get the evidence of what's really going on."

We left a message with Hotshots's corporate office and have yet to hear back.

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