[UPDATED] City Leaders React to the Connecticut School Shooting

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Slay has released a statement on the mass shooting at a Connecticut school
St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay just posted the following statement on Facebook in reference to the horrific mass shooting today at a school in Newtown, Connecticut:

Our city's prayers are with the children of Sandy Hook Elementary.

I read the terrible news while sitting through interviews after which the Police Board will select a new police chief. We will expect a great deal from the new chief. However, we will not be able to give that person every possible tool to reduce violent crime.

He continued:

"The Missouri state constitution keeps cities like Clayton, U City, or ours from enacting laws aimed at reducing the number of handguns in our communities."

I wrote this sentence in my blog in June 2008. It is still true".

Meanwhile, Lewis Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen, e-mailed this statement to Daily RFT:

"As a father of four, I am deeply troubled by the tragedy in Newtown, CT.  I am praying for the victims' families and the entire Newtown community.  Tonight, my wife and I will do our best to help our children understand and process this horrible event.  I encourage other parents to do the same."

We may add more reactions from local politicians as they roll in.

In the meantime, speaking of Facebook, clearly not everyone has heard of this tragedy yet. Get on there and see for yourself.

What could possibly be more cringey, on a day when 20 small and innocent children were senselessly gunned down, than seeing someone posting about how they dropped a brownie on the ground but still ate it?

May justice be served. 

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Mayor Slay, please tell us how banning handguns will work any better than banning meth or cocaine. What Mayor Slay and others fail to realize is that when someone wants something, they will find a way to get it - legal or illegal. They can no more rid society of weapons as they can all other illegal substances. "Gun free zones" have proven the folly of making laws that criminals simply do not abide.


So speaks the man with taxpayer supplied armed bodyguards...


What a horrific tradgedy and my heart goes out to the parents and families of those killed in Newtown.  However as expected Mayor Slay and other politicians won't let this or any other tradgedy go to waste when it comes to voicing their opinions on gun control and legislation.  Having more local control of gun legislation in St. Louis or anywhere else for that matter will not stop tradgedies like this.  Bad people do bad things because they can and you cannot legislate away evil.  People dedicated to doing harm to others will, and always have, find ways to hurt and kill others.  The solution to mass shootings is to address the fundamental cultural and psychological zeitgeists in the US that cause people to think these actions are not only acceptable but glorious solutions to their problems.  Solving that is the only true way to stop mass killings.  Pass as many gun regulations as you want, but mark my words, the blood will not stop flowing.

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