As Pols Talk Tighter Gun Control, A Look at 5 Fast and Loose Firearms Laws in Missourah

Categories: Violent Crime

3. No permits and only light background checks for same-day gun.
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The wikiHow article "how to buy a gun in Missouri" nonchalantly gives any internet user five freakishly easy ways to obtain a firearm in this state.

How did Missouri'swould-be mass murderer Blaec Lammers get two assault rifles and 400 rounds of ammunition last month (despite a long history of mental health issues and a 2009 incident in which he tried to stab someone)? He went to a store, paid for his firearms, and walked out the door a few minutes later.

There is no waiting period for purchasing firearms in Missouri, and in Lammers' case, a 2009 involuntary psychiatric commitment was not reported to the feds (because that's just the way Missouri does things and thus did not come up in a standard federal background check).

Had Lammers gone to a gun show, pawn shop, or perfectly legal but otherwise unlicensed retailer, he wouldn't have had to undergo any background check at all to purchase a firearm.

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