MoDOT Approves "9/11-Truther" Group's Adopt-A-Highway Application

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Once upon a time, the Adopt-A-Highway program was about keeping roadways clean. Now it makes news when controversial groups decide to push buttons.
"9/11-Truthers" believe a lot of things that make most of us deeply uncomfortable. But at least we'll get a cleaner highway out of their latest publicity stunt.

The Missouri Department of Transportation has reluctantly approved a local 9/11 Truth group's application to adopt a stretch of Olive Boulevard in Creve Coeur. 9/11 Truth is a pretty out-there movement of people who believe 9/11 was an elaborate hoax orchestrated by the United States government or its Zionist cohorts. Their two modestly-sized signs go up next month, according to a MoDOT spokesperson.

But MoDOT has had some mo' problems with its Adopt-A-Highway program--which invites groups of volunteers to keep a highway free of litter in exchange for a small road sign bearing their name--over the years.

In 2000, MoDOT unsuccessfully fought to prevent the Missouri Knights of the Ku Klux Klan from participating in the program. RFT's former publisher Ray Hartmann wrote about the saga in an editorial called "In Defense of White-Trash Cleanup". The state may have been ordered to give over a half-mile of Interstate-55 to the Klan, but that didn't stop the legislature from voting to rename that stretch of highway "Rosa Parks Highway".


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