MoDOT Approves "9/11-Truther" Group's Adopt-A-Highway Application

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In 2009, a neo-Nazi group signed on to adopt half-a-mile outside Springfield. It didn't take the legislature and governor Jay Nixon long to rename the highway after the famous Jewish theologian and civil rights leader Abraham Joshua Heschel. Needless to say, the KKK and the National Socialist Movement were not amused by the tactic.

The latest entrant into MoDOT's tense fight between free speech and hate speech, organizes itself through, a site that brings people with common interests and similar zipcodes together. The St. Louis 9/11 Questions Group describes itself thusly:

We are residents of the Greater St. Louis Area (and other areas) concerned about the many disturbing aspects of the 9/11 attacks and interested in finding out more about those events. We have many disagreements, but we agree that 9/11 is worth inquiring into. We are inclusive as opposed to exclusive. Generally, we believe that when gravity causes an object to move, the object goes down, not upwards and outwards in an arc.

They will take on the stretch of Olive Boulevard from Lindbergh to Old Bonhomme, which is officially called Highway 340. In exchange for four trash pick-ups a year, they'll get two signs recognizing their participation in the program at either end of their adopted roadway.

Tom Blair, an assistant district engineer for MoDOT, told the New York Daily News that the benefits of the Adopt-A-Highway program to taxpayers ultimately outweigh the uncomfortable questions about free speech that it raises.

"Well, I'm concerned about the attention, but we need the program," Blair said. "I'm concerned any time negative attention goes to the program, but it's a solid program and it's important to remember that. And anyone, whatever their motivations, can apply for it, as long as they just pick up the trash."

So, do we think the Missouri Legislature will take a stab at renaming this stretch of highway this time around? Perhaps the "Victims of 9/11 Memorial Highway"?

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1. Some of the supposed hijackers turned up alive after 911. Mistaken identity was said. Then why are the mistakes still on the pictures lineup?
2. No credible security camera footage of 19 men boarding the planes, just a few blurry ones of 2 or three.
3. No 757 wreckage at the Pentagon. at least none to speak of.
4. Same goes for flight 93
5. Reason to go to war.... was that OBL was behind 911...Later it was said he was not wanted for 911.
6. Bldg 7 falls into its own footprint because of a few small fires.
7. Both NIST and the 911 Commission have lies within their pages.
8. Explosions heard by many, before and during the collapse, from sub level areas
9. Operation Northwoods was a written confession detailing that the govt. is fully capable of engaging a 911 scenario.
10. Israels Mossad had people on the ground in NY celebrating the crash while filming it.
11. Bush lied about WMD's in Iraq, just so he could override the UN's protocols for going to war. He also lied about seeing the first plane crash on the schools TV
12. Motive ..... to secure oil reserves for the future, being that if the US runs out of oil it is dead on the ground and will fall.
13. What was burning in the sub level areas of the WTC for months after the collapse? Molten metals have to have a relative heat source to retain the state of molten, or even cherry red.
14.Why no intel about what that molten material was when they reached the final salvage clean up days?
15.Where's the many roof top cameras footage and heliport footage from the Pentagon?

An old saying goes "better a few should be sacrificed for the well being of the majority.
There are to many unanswered Q's and false impressions of the 911's story.


Sometimes  Missouri is more fun than Jon Stewart..

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