Pot-Bellied Pig Killed by Cop in Fairview Heights After Month-Long Pursuit

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A pot-bellied pig like this was finally shot in Fairview Heights on Sunday
The month-long hamhunt is over: On Sunday morning, the cops in Fairview Heights, Illinois finally killed a stray pot-bellied pig that had been on the loose.

Officer Mike Wilson tells Daily RFT that the 50-pound black swine had been "rooting through people's yards," though it never charged anyone as boars sometimes do.

Wilson said he'd heard it had been someone's pet.

At one point during the weeks the hunt was on, Wilson says he himself spotted it from about 100 feet away, but couldn't catch it.

"He could run very fast," Wilson says.

According to the Belleville News-Democrat, the pig met its demise Sunday morning around 9 am after being shot by an officer near a church on Frank Scott Parkway East.

The police had contacted animal control about tranquilizing the pig, but they reportedly didn't have the necessary tools to get rid of it that way.

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To everyone that has a problem with the police euthanizing this animal, what the fuck is wrong with you?  It is a pig, not a human.  It has been destroying property.  It is on the loose and has proved difficult to capture.  They've exhausted humane options to capture it without injuring officers and bystanders.  I would invite any of you pig-loving idiots to put yourself at risk next time and attempt to capture this animal for the authorities and bath it in your love.  I will subsequently laugh my ass of when you are injured or run screaming into the woods as a 50lb out of control pig chases you.  Go ahead...volunteer pussies.


@adude The point is about worthless animal control and the officers who were all to happy to kill.


No it isn't.  Your retarded fucking opinion about animal control or police officers has nothing to do with this.  It said nowhere in this article they were happy to kill.  It actually said they consulted animal control who didn't have the proper equipment before they killed this animal that had...wait for it...been on the loose for a month.  You don't like the way they do their difficult job you should go and do it.  Go ahead.  Volunteer.  Do it better.  You and all the other commentors below should do exactly that.  Go ahead...I'm waiting for you to do it better.  I need a good laugh.


@adude Look in the mirror, and don't forget that bleach.

adude like.author.displayName 1 Like

Spoken like a true half-wit with nothing substantive to say.  Enjoy sucking off trannies in your mom's basement.


@adude You choice of words only goes to show what kind of garbage is sticking for the unfit ACO and the killer cops. Now go gargle bleach.

dpatrick like.author.displayName 1 Like

reeally??? That was the only solution they could come up with?  I have pot bellys and they are really good natured animals.  Must be a bunch of stupid hicks on that police dept.!

sgreen13 like.author.displayName 1 Like

This totally pissed me off.....i have a potbelly...Omg...why not save it...water is wrong with u people ...

jeniftee like.author.displayName 1 Like

They shot the WRONG pig. Next time they should shoot the doughnut munching moron.

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