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Calling all photo students! Riverfront Times is recruiting photography students for its Spring 2013 Photo Intern Program. By "student," we do not mean "a student of life." There's no cash offered with this gig, only school credit. Don't bother applying if this doesn't apply to you.

Still interested? Read on!

Interns work directly with the art director and web department. They photograph slideshows on anything ranging from burlesque shows to zombie walks. They also shoot weekly assignments for our music, food and news blogs. Interns who pass muster may also be invited to attend cover shoots. In the past, stellar interns have even photographed covers, features and cafe for print.

Reliable transportation is a must, and we will reimburse for mileage. And sorry, but this party is B.Y.O.E.: Bring Your Own Equipment.

To apply, send a résumé and links/samples to kristin.bjornsen@villagevoicemedia.com no later than January 14, 2013. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please include "Riverfront Times Spring 2013 Photo Internship" in the subject line.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Seems the RFT is living in the past. While I admire the concept of internships, I do not think photography is the place for it - not today, not any longer. The RFT readership has cell phones, pocket cameras, and DSLR at these events and more. Encourage the readership to submit their images. Many simply will do so for the byline. Not only will you get more personal images, but you will see the events as an event goer, not as some college photojournalist wants you to see it. This is the future of street photography for events. Embrace it.

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