State Auditor Will Investigate Welfare $$$ Spent at Casinos and Vacation Spots

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Two locales not associated with welfare spending - nor should they be
State Auditor Tom Sweich says he's going to audit Missouri Department of Social Services' Family Support Division.

Specifically, he wants to look at how welfare funds doled out in Missouri are being spent out-of-state, sometimes at "gentleman's clubs, casinos, and exotic locations around the world."

This is done by using Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards. Sweich wants to dig into the process by which the state prevents prevent abuses of those cards. He also wants to look at the state's administration of Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (a.k.a., TANF).

Sweich says this audit comes on the  heels of certain "reports." 

He's probably referring to the bang-up investigation done over the past two years by Chris Nagus at KMOV Channel 4.

Here's one part that aired last October:

And this one aired in 2011:

Nice work, Nagus.

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Politicians do this with your dime also.


Do the audit and ID the people who piss away our taxpayer money on casinos, vacations and titty bars and ban them forever from getting taxpayer money.

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