Ten Worst St. Louis Crimes of 2012

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Vincent Newman, 24, and his brother Joseph, 25
6. Rob-Then-Shoot Robbers: A string of robberies near the nexus of I-44 and Grand Boulevard last Fall had residents there living on edge.

On October 16, a twenty-year-old woman was walking from the bus stop to her mother's house on the 3400 block of Russell when a man robbed her of her Samsung Galaxy tablet, a T-Mobile Sidekick cell phone and cash. She fell down and broke her arm. The robber then shot her in the face, leaving her with a bullet wound in her left cheek.

Then, early on October 24, a med student walking out to her car was accosted by a man with a gun. She and her belongings all ended up on the ground. The man grabbed her bag and the phone, then pointed the gun at her head. She put out her hand as if to stop him, but he fired anyway, hitting her thumb and her cheek.

Vincent Newman, 24, was charged with the first crime. His older brother Joseph, age 25, was charged with the second one. The victims are both recovering.

5. Worst Caregiver: When Howard Spracher, who lived in the Greater Ville, died of cardiac arrest, he was also discovered to have cuts and abrasions and unhealed broken bones and was severely malnourished. His sole caretaker, Darlene Coulibaly, admitted to police that she had struck him with "hard objects"; they suspected she did way more than that and began investigating Spracher's death as a homicide.

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