Former KMOV-TV Anchor Vickie Newton Was Cyber-Stalked

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Vickie Newton, former KMOV-TV anchor, was cyber-stalked
Here's a strange revelation from Vickie Newton, who used to be an anchor at KMOV Channel 4: One of the reasons she left her job in August was that she was hounded by a cyber-stalker.

And the creep continues to harrass her today.

She made the situation public recently on Village Celebration, a website she founded that highlights people, stories and events in the black community.

According to the piece, Newton noticed e-mails disappearing from her personal and work accounts while still at KMOV.

After she left St. Louis and moved to Arkansas, the stalker ramped up his/her activity, sending "hundreds of bizarre e-mails everyday."

Newton says it's spilled over into real life, too:

she hid her computer, but her computer case is missing; the stalker has described the "sterling silver picture frames in her master suite;" and the alarm at her Arkansas lake house was going off while she was in St. Louis at early hours in the morning, but no one was ever found.

Now that's freaky.

It's truly horrible that Newton has to deal with this.

It's equally horrible that Larry Conners can't find anything better to do with his time.

(Just kidding; our sympathies are with you, Vickie; may this harassment end as soon as possible.)

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Vickie I will put you in my prayers for Jesus and God to keep you safe in your comings and goings and in your home. I am sad to hear that some one has decided that because you are on television it gives them the right to invade your life. But I will also pray for the person who has this curse upon them to ask God to free them from the torture of possesion and set them free. May God have mercy on their soul.


why didn't she have cameras on her property? And why didn't the Belo company hire detectives and bodyguards?


It has also been argued the great strength of forums such as reddit for example where anonymity remains supreme and cyberculture in general is the very fact that anonymity provides many who would feel threatened or compromised to express their views without the threat of recourse.

Of course that too is where also the real danger lies as some are wanton to abuse the web’s dynamism and instead use it to exploit and harass others as in the case of Newton. Perhaps it may in the end may make sense where the identity of all who enter the world of the web have their true identity revealed if to at least maintain culpability and responsibility for one’s actions and choices. Paradoxically that too also opens up issues of those users then being vilified and their privacy exploited in turn by those unhappy with their views…

With respect to Newton’s case it appears to be a very personal issue and beyond that of merely expressing a view that was not appreciated. The question then is why?


Well, duh!  It's hard to imagine Newton isn't smart enough to know all she has to do is change her passwords and the cyber-stalking and nasty emails will stop. Never mind the free publilcity.

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