Young Woman Fights Back Against Armed Robber, Gets Shot

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Fighting back can get you shot
Fighting back against an armed robber only seems badass when it succeeds (as it did yesterday on Cherokee Street).

But what if it doesn't, and you get shot? Was it worth it?

A 24-year-old white female victim will now have to decide for herself.

She and a 27-year-old white male were walking in north St. Louis on the 5300 block of Wabada Avenue last night just after 8:30.

They say they were confronted by a black male about 5' 9" in a black hoodie and a white bandana with skulls.

He pointed a gun at them and said, "Give me everything you have on you now."

As her companion handed over his wallet and cell phone, the young woman charged the crook.

But he pushed her back, shot her in the upper right thigh, and took off.

She was taken to the hospital and was listed in stable condition.

The investigation is ongoing.

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The only reason white people would be at that location is to buy drugs. She deserved to be shot.


Was it worth it?  Answer: Yes.  It was.  Wasn't there just an article recently about how these thugs are going to shoot you anyway, even after they get what they want from you?  It is unfortunate she or her partner weren't also armed but that doesn't detract from the necessity to fight back.  Always fight back.  Assume the worst.  Assume they'll shoot you anyway.  Assume they'll kill you.  If you're wrong you can be pleasantly surprised.  The will to fight back and proper preparation will often enough save you as much as doom you.


@12judges if the dude had fought back instead of the more courageous woman might have had a better outcome. What a wuss that guy is.

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