Introducing the 2013 RFT Web Awards Finalists

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The past twelve months was an outstanding time for hot digital action in St. Louis. Our citizens launched apps, pushed pixels, encouraged consumerism and conducted full-on comedy shows in 140 characters or less. If we learned anything, it's that you can't get a job -- or even a date -- without being part of some kind of online or techie... thing.

We at the Riverfront Times like to reward that kind of dedication/sexiness/waste of time. After reviewing the digital efforts throughout 2012 of thousands of local nominees, our panel of esteemed judges determined that the special unicorns below deserve to be finalists. We'll reveal the ultimate winners in each category at an exclusive awards ceremony Jan. 22, followed by a full write-up in the Jan. 24 print edition of the RFT.

Congratulations to all of those named below!

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RFT Web Awards Judges


Best Neighborhood Blog
Cherokee Street News
Old North St. Louis Restoration Group
Park Central Development - 17th Ward

Best Arts Blog
2 Bulidings, 1 Blog
Hours of Idleness
Riverfront Times arts section
Temporary Art Review

Best Music Blog
I Went to a Show
RFT Music
Speakers in Code

Best Personal Blog
City in a Jar
Distilled History
East Tator

Best Entertainment/Gossip Blog
Berger's Beat
Punching Kitty
Tube Talk with Gail Pennington

Best Activism/Opinion Blog
Preservation Research Office: Ecology of Absence
St. Louis Neighborhood Development Blog
Vanishing STL

Best Sports Blog
Viva El Birdos

Best Political Blog
Beyond November
Occasional Planet
Progress Missouri
St. Louis Beacon politics blog

Best Food Blog
A Periodic Table
Grillin' Fools
Iron Stef
Shoot to Cook
Sounding My Barbaric Gulp

Best Sex Blog
New Amurican Gospels
The Beautiful Kind

Best Architecture Blog
Preservation Research Office: Ecology of Absence
St. Louis Patina
Vanishing STL

>>Up next: websites, social media and collections of stuff.>>

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You guys missed Nile of Some of these people on your list are clients of hers, or know her, and she speaks at conferences in STL quite a bit, especially when it comes to WordPress. Her twitter handle blows a lot of these people away too. She's from Centralia, so I don't know if you let people who live 1 hour from STL into this list.

Anywho,  Good picks at least.


Don't know what you guys are trying to pull, but isn't City in a Jar, a finalist, run by Jessica Leitch, a judge? Also funniest tweeter, Chris Ward, finalist and judge. Pretty shady RFT.

.....Also Matt Sebek...and Ilovesoulard....


Thanks for the nominations! By the way, the Pastaria link on your mobile site category should be


Spotlight STL dominates all other music blogs.  


@barakas hey i don't think i've said anything nice about the rft since possibly ever and somehow i still got a nod so it's not totally rigged. or maybe it's rigged like this to make people think it's not rigged. 


@justinlpoole This opinion may have been more useful when the RFT was soliciting for nominations.

chrisward99 topcommenter

@barakas I guess a better way to put it is that I nominated her when this all started, but when it came to the actual voting I wasn't in the room for that particular category. I guess really meant "rooted for" as opposed to "voted for." And at the end of the day, her and I don't really care anyway. I just think her account is funnier and so she had my support.


wait so you did vote in your category....thought you said this:

chrisward993 days ago

Yeah we had a big discussion about that. They had me leave the room during that voting and anything KDHX related, so I went out and drank a beer on the couch and read Time Magazine. 

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