2013 RFT Web Awards Winners

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Best Mobile or Tablet App

The judges say: Just like gathering your friends around a crackling bonfire to roast marshmallows, tell jokes and share stories, the new St. Louis-based social app Bonfyre is a private platform to share pictures, messages and events with friends and family. With more control over your social network, Bonfyre makes oversharing a thing of the past. Or it would be, if Mom would stop posting all those baby pictures. Disclaimer: Bonfyre is a sponsor of the RFT Web Awards party. Judges were not aware of this when casting their ballots.

Contemporary Art Museum
St. Louis Rams Fisher Stache


Best Local Meme
What High School Should We Call Me?

The judges say: Just call Lisa Derus and Lindsey Herzog the unofficial spokeswomen for St. Louis. They love this city, and their Tumblr blog made up of GIFs that reflect local truisms are a testament to that love. And sometimes frustration. Especially with the Cardinals. And the fickle weather. But mostly this site is all about love for St. Louis illustrated with bitmap images of Real Housewives, goofy animals and anything from Mean Girls.

Hey, Girl. I'm Mike Matheny.


Best Use of Video for a Personal Blog or Website
Mark Watson, Soldier Knows Best

The judges say: Mark Watson, otherwise known as Soldier Knows Best, has racked up more than 100,000,000 video views since he set up his technology-review channel on YouTube more than four years ago. His videos are snappy, relevant and frequently reposted by major technology outlets across the country. He primarily focuses on Apple products, offering a host of information about computers, software, hardware and tutorials. The best thing about Soldier Knows Best? Watson films, writes and produces segments himself within the comfort of his downtown St. Louis loft.

City in a Jar
Danielle Smith TV


Best Use of Video for a Business or Organization
Feast magazine

The judges say: Go behind the scenes of the St. Louis culinary world with Feast Magazine's video interviews with local chefs, restauranteurs and other foodies. In the short clips, chefs explain what makes their cuisine stand out and give sneak peeks at restaurants that haven't yet opened. Feast also offers a series of how-to videos for the intrepid home cook. The videos capture the magazine's essence and extend the Feast name from print to multimedia.

Anastasis Films
An Under Cover Weekend
Goshen Coffee
The Rise to the Top
Young & Free St. Louis


Best Crowd-Funded Campaign
Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking

The judges say: Finally, thanks to generous contributions from the public, Alan Stone and Jamey Stegmaier's board game about winemaking is now available in five countries and online. The enterprising game-lovers created a Kickstarter campaign in August, hoping to raise the $25,000 needed to make their vision a reality. By early October, the duo had met their goal, and since then, the money has continued to pour in. And why wouldn't it? For a pledge of only $1, Alan and Jamey will toast you personally on camera once the project is complete. And for those who are willing to pledge $999 or more, either Alan or Jamey will hand-deliver a copy of the game anywhere in the continental United States. Hurry and be the first to take them up on that offer!

The Adventures of Time Slot
The JoeSportsFan Show
The Luminary Moves to Cherokee Street
New Years Rulins: Photos Inspired by Woody Guthrie
Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines and Infernal Relics
Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop


Best Overall Digital Campaign/Strategy
American Patriot Beer

The judges say: Some businesses thoughtfully plan a digital strategy. Other businesses vomit out WTF posts on every social-media outlet available while antagonizing naysayers. Honestly, we're not entirely sure which category American Patriot Beer belongs to, but whatever it is doing seems to work. The beer's fans eagerly share photos of themselves imbibing APB, while the business itself proudly positions its brew to be as patriotic as bald eagles. This is America, dammit, and American Patriot Beer is happy to embrace your right to bear hops.

Goshen Coffee
Webster University

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