Abortion Debate: NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Criticizes Tax Credits for Controversial Centers

This kind of misinformation can increase the health risks to women if they end up delaying, she notes, adding, "You can say whatever you want. You can worship whatever deity you want.... It's not like we have religious beef other than the public funding beef."

She says, "If someone delays your path, you may no longer be able to get an abortion."

Sumners says she just wants the facts to be clear.

Representative Eric Burlison, a Republican who is sponsoring the benevolent tax credit bill, says that it is not the responsibility of elected officials to determine whether care centers are giving proper medical facts.

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Eric Burlison

"If someone is providing false information, they can lose their license," he tells Daily RFT, noting that there are medical boards charged with this oversight. "I would say that when politicians do get involved in this kind of thing, that's when things go wrong."

Politicians can't pretend to be doctors, he argues.

His bill had a hearing last week and will eventually go to the House floor -- and is likely to pass, he says. A parallel Senate bill also moved forward yesterday.

This legislative effort, he says, is about supporting nonprofits and donations.

"We as elected officials...empower taxpayers," Burlison says. "If you have a charitable spirit, we want to encourage you to give to charities you believe in."

Continue for the full NARAL report and draft of the bill.

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Where is the “benevolence” in scheming and misinterpretation of facts?How is it that the House Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities refused to accept Representative Montecillo’s amendment that would prohibit tax dollars from supporting fake medical facilities that misinform women who have honest questions about carrying pregnancies to term, but wholeheartedly endorsed an amendment to capitalize a letter in the title of the bill?My frustration with this piece of legislation is that, nestled among the wonderful charitable organizations that will soon be receiving much-needed tax credits to continue their good work, are Crisis Pregnancy Centers.CPC’s are intimidating and manipulative “clinics” that provide manufactured “facts” to young, scared, women to coerce them into having children that they don’t want and can’t afford.

            Let’s face it, if any of us went into one of these facilities and was told that having an abortion would make us infertile and cause breast cancer, we wouldn’t get one either.  Some CPC’s, however, also inform women that they’ll suffer these problems simply by taking birth control.  How does that help anybody?



KarateKid SplitLip
KarateKid SplitLip

Yes, as long as they also support planned parenthood and a womans right to choose.

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