Abortion Debate: NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri Criticizes Tax Credits for Controversial Centers

Investigation into Crisis Pregnancy Centers

House Bill 87

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Where is the “benevolence” in scheming and misinterpretation of facts?How is it that the House Committee on Children, Families, and Persons with Disabilities refused to accept Representative Montecillo’s amendment that would prohibit tax dollars from supporting fake medical facilities that misinform women who have honest questions about carrying pregnancies to term, but wholeheartedly endorsed an amendment to capitalize a letter in the title of the bill?My frustration with this piece of legislation is that, nestled among the wonderful charitable organizations that will soon be receiving much-needed tax credits to continue their good work, are Crisis Pregnancy Centers.CPC’s are intimidating and manipulative “clinics” that provide manufactured “facts” to young, scared, women to coerce them into having children that they don’t want and can’t afford.

            Let’s face it, if any of us went into one of these facilities and was told that having an abortion would make us infertile and cause breast cancer, we wouldn’t get one either.  Some CPC’s, however, also inform women that they’ll suffer these problems simply by taking birth control.  How does that help anybody?



KarateKid SplitLip
KarateKid SplitLip

Yes, as long as they also support planned parenthood and a womans right to choose.

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