Photos: Seven Arch Coal Protesters Lock Themselves to 500-Pound Plant Pot, Face Arrest

Arch Coal protest 1.jpeg
Arch Coal protest. More photos below.
Here's one way to make a scene: Lock yourself to a 500-pound potted plant inside a corporate building as others dance and sing loudly in the lobby. That's exactly what a group of activists did yesterday inside the Arch Coal headquarters in Creve Coeur. And the demonstration -- aimed at drawing attention to the impacts of coal corporations -- was disruptive enough that seven protesters were eventually arrested inside the building.

Prior to getting handcuffed the protestors released a flotilla of helium balloons inside the building's lobby. A sign dangling from the balloons read: "Your coal company kills."

"We need to escalate [our protests], because we need to win," says Arielle Klagsbrun, an organizer with Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, or MORE.

In response, Arch Coal reps says that it respects the activists' right to protest -- and adds that coal is great for the U.S. economy.

Here's video from the demonstration.

"Seven people entered the Arch building and occupied space...blockading themselves and locking themselves to a 500-pound concrete potted plant," says Klagsbrun, who was at the demonstration but did not get arrested. "Interrupting business as usual."

MORE and an organization called Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival, or RAMPS, organized the demonstration against Arch Coal, which is the second largest company of its kind in the U.S. and operates strip mines in Appalachia and other coal basins. The groups argue that strip mining is destructive and toxic and disproportionately impacts disadvantaged communities.

Arch Coal protest 2.jpeg
All photos courtesy of RAMPS and MORE.
Inside the Arch building where protesters chained themselves to a potted plant.

"I think the message came across," says Klagsburn, noting the "Your Coal Company Kills" sign the demonstrators brought inside via balloon. "It was clear why people were there."

Each arrested demonstrator's bail was set at $1,000.

Continue for more details on the demonstration and response from Arch Coal.

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I wonder if these folks drove to the protest in a gas powered vehicle?  Or if they've ever used electricity generated by coal?  Or if they've ever enjoyed food that was obtained in less than a 100% environmentally freindly process?  These are the same people who would protest wind farms because they kill birds and pollute the visual landscape.  Complete and absolute retards.

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

Is it fair? They were tresspassing. called non-violent protest

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Sounds like seven people need to go find a job instead of wasting their time. Idle hands are the devil's workshop!!


@jojo That's a worn-out, threadbare argument, jojo. Have fun trolling.


Pointing out the hypocrisy of others is never worn-out.  These people are beyond impractical with ideals and goals that are beyond the reach of all but the most ardent supporters, even themselves.  Noise is all they have because in the end it's their argument that's threadbare.

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