Photos: Seven Arch Coal Protesters Lock Themselves to 500-Pound Plant Pot, Face Arrest

Klagsburn says that the demonstrators were on scene both to raise awareness about the negative environmental consequences of coal as well as labor rights concerns.

Arch Coal protest 3.jpeg

"They are actively trying to squelch resistance," she says, adding, "Arch is a huge proponent of climate change."

Kim Link, a spokeswoman for Arch Coal Inc., passes along this statement to Daily RFT:

We respect their right to protest peacefully on public property. Coal creates affordable energy around the world and thousands of jobs here in the U.S. Arch is committed to providing responsible energy that powers the working world and meets the stringent environmental standards of U.S. regulators.

Here's the full news release from the anti-coal groups, followed by more photos from the demonstration.

Activists Disrupt Arch Coal Corporate HQ

CREVE COEUR, MO -- Seven protesters affiliated with the RAMPS campaign (Radical Action for Mountain Peoples' Survival), MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment) and Mountain Justice are locked down to a 500-pound small potted tree in Arch Coal's third-floor headquarters while a larger group is in the lobby performing a song and dance. Additionally, a helium balloon banner with the message "John Eaves Your Coal Company Kills", directed at the Arch Coal CEO was released in the Arch Coal headquarters.

"We're here to halt Arch's operations for as long as we can. These coal corporations do not answer to communities, they only consume them. We're here to resist their unchecked power," explained Margaret Fetzer, one of the protestors.

Arch Coal, the second largest coal company in the U.S., operates strip mines in Appalachia and in other U.S. coal basins. Strip mining is an acutely destructive and toxic method of mining coal, and resource extraction disproportionately impacts marginalized communities.

"From the Battle of Blair Mountain to the current fight with the Patriot pensions, the people of central Appalachia have been fighting against the coal companies for the past 125 years. The struggle continues today as we take action to hold Arch Coal and other coal companies accountable for the damage that they do to people and communities in Appalachia and around the world. Coal mining disproportionately impacts indigenous peoples, and we stand in solidarity with disenfranchised people everywhere," Dustin Steele of Mingo County, W.Va. said. Steele was one of the people locked in Arch's office.

Mingo County is representative of the public health crisis faced by communities overburdened by strip mining. A recent study of life expectancies placed Mingo County in the bottom 1 percent out of 3,147 counties nationwide.(1)

Arch's strip mines not only poison communities, but also seek to erase the legacy of resistance to the coal companies in Appalachia. Arch's Adkins Fork Surface Mine is threatening to blast away Blair Mountain--the site of the second largest uprising in U.S. history and a milestone in the long-standing struggle between Appalachians and the coal companies.(2)

The devastation of Arch's strip mines plague regions beyond Appalachia. Arch's operation in the Powder River Basin is the "single largest coal mining complex in the world.(3)" Producing 15 percent of the U.S. coal supply, Arch is a major culprit of the climate crisis.

NASA scientist James Hansen describes the burning of coal as a leading cause global climate change.(4) The Midwest region faces serious public health impacts from climate change due to "increased heat wave intensity and frequency, degraded air quality, and reduced water quality(5)," according to recently published data from the National Climate Assessment.

Continue for more photos.

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I wonder if these folks drove to the protest in a gas powered vehicle?  Or if they've ever used electricity generated by coal?  Or if they've ever enjoyed food that was obtained in less than a 100% environmentally freindly process?  These are the same people who would protest wind farms because they kill birds and pollute the visual landscape.  Complete and absolute retards.

Chris Ferguson
Chris Ferguson

Is it fair? They were tresspassing. called non-violent protest

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Sounds like seven people need to go find a job instead of wasting their time. Idle hands are the devil's workshop!!


@jojo That's a worn-out, threadbare argument, jojo. Have fun trolling.


Pointing out the hypocrisy of others is never worn-out.  These people are beyond impractical with ideals and goals that are beyond the reach of all but the most ardent supporters, even themselves.  Noise is all they have because in the end it's their argument that's threadbare.

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