Casey Guernsey: Missouri Overwhelmingly Wants to Block Obama's Gun Orders

Meanwhile, Newman is pushing a bill that would mandate gun sales go through licensed dealers such that there would be universal background checks -- mirroring a proposal of the president.

Stacey Newman portrait.jpg
Representative Stacey Newman

"It's a disaster. It's a non-starter," Guernsey says of her idea. "It doesn't address the problem, and it makes it more difficult for law-abiding folks who want to own guns to be able to procure them."

He says, "The background checks system we got right now works and certainly there's a number of things related to the...[national] database we can do to strengthen the process without going down this road."

Currently, individuals can buy guns across the country online or through private sales that don't require these checks, and some Democrats see universal background checks are a no-brainer that Republicans can support.

But Guernsey says that people should be allowed to sell their guns to a family member or a neighbor and that limits on those exchanges would be a violation of their rights.

Guernsey says that he and his colleagues are working on adding more specifics to his bill to directly address some of Obama's proposals -- potentially through amendments or additional bills to help block federal orders.

The response so far, he adds, has been "overwhelmingly supportive -- almost one hundred to one, for sure...even some folks that are more liberal on gun control."

Continue for full drafts of the bills in question.

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"Supporters of stricter gun control argue that they are not trying to take away guns from law-abiding citizens or block access..."  Complete and utter horseshit.  That is exactly what measures being debated in DC and being passed or attempting passage in other states from Hawaii to New York to Maryland and Connecticut are trying to do.  The actions of gun control advocates speak much louder than their outright lies.  Face it gun control're not fooling anyone.

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