Claire McCaskill Mocks Justice Antonin Scalia's "Weird Hat" at Inauguration

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CBS screengrab
Justice of the supreme cap?
Just before President Barack Obama took the oath of office for his second term, Senator Claire McCaskill went all Joan Rivers on the men of the Supreme Court and their curious taste in headgear.

Justice Antonin Scalia got it the worst for an odd little chapeau that looked a bit like an overturned bowling ball bag. McCaskill actually predicted the appearance of the "weird hat" on her Twitter account before Scalia even appeared.

After all the solemnity and decorum, it was apparently just what the doctor ordered. The internet went bonkers.

Here's how it started. Back in 2009, McCaskill made a little observation at Obama's first swearing-in:

Since this ceremony was all about history repeating itself, she marked the occasion accordingly:

In case anyone is curious, the hat is apparently "a gift of the St. Thomas More Society, in Richmond, Virginia--a replica of the one worn by More in the portrait by Hans Holbein." That would be this:

Thomas More.jpeg

Everyone from the Today Show to Huffington Post to BuzzFeed to The New Yorker made some mention of McCaskill's keen fashion eye, though PoliticMO's Eli Yokley probably said it best:

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The fat saggy bitch with bags under her eyes big enough to pack an entire wardrobe should look in the mirror before she makes any kind of fashion statement. She's a perfect example of someone who should wear a bag over her head everytime she's in the public eye.

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