Lewis Reed: Francis Slay Opponent More Than Doubles Donations Over Weekend

Here are the latest filings, which cover a total $45,000 in new donations.

Missouri Ethics Commission filing

Missouri Ethics Commission filing

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The Slay war chest is definitely full. This election is going to have to be based on values not cash flow. We all know that it takes a lot of money to run a successful campaign, but in this case Lewis Reed's chest is full of INTEGRITY...something Mayor Slay has seemed to lack for years. Go get him Lewis!!

Dustin Mitchell


So the Post Dispatch AND the RFT are now for Slay?

I agree with Mr. James Madison, if you write this story about Reed you should also help us understand where Slay's money comes from.  

JamesMadison topcommenter

Amazing. Reed has pennies to Slay's millions, yet it is Reed's contributors who get scrutinized. Who is funding Slay? Extortion? Payoff? Inquiring minds want to know! Follow the money, real money, not pennies. List every business venture in town and their city gifts in contracts.

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