Marijuana Bill: Shane Cohn Proposes Pot Fines Go To St. Louis Mental Health Board

In addition to the stipulation about the Mental Health Board funding, the new version of the bill also clarifies language around medical marijuana, removing previous terminology referring to legal prescriptions, since in Missouri, there is no such thing. But "patients, for whom marijuana has been recommended by a physician," should suffer no punishment or penalty for obtaining, possessing or using medical marijuana, the bill now says.

The other notable revisions in the bill relate to a section explaining when the ordinance would not be applicable, i.e., when police would still have to send suspects to the Circuit Attorney's Office. That includes people who have a felony conviction within the previous ten years and individuals who have previous Class A marijuana convictions.

Cohn says that the bill will be discussed in committee this morning and could from there go forward to the full board for a vote.

Here's the latest draft bill.


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