Marijuana Decriminalization Bill: How Many Cases Does St. Louis Circuit Attorney Handle?

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The proposed bill says, in part:

[T]he City Counselor's Office of the City of St. Louis has available resources to prosecute minor marijuana offenses in an efficient and expeditious manner in City Court thereby allowing State resources to be focused on more serious crime;... [P]eople should not possess the controlled substance of marijuana, but also should not incur unreasonably harsh consequences as a result of possession of minor amounts;... [V]alid legal prescriptions for medicinal marijuana should be recognized.

Ryan says that the Circuit Attorney's Office is working with Cohn to add some clarifying language regarding the 35 grams cut off -- such that it is clear that cases involving larger amounts of marijuana would still be sent to the Circuit Attorney. And she says her staff is also recommending that the bill make clear that those with criminal history continue to be sent to the Circuit Attorney and not the lower court.

In its first few weeks under discussion, Cohn says, "The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive."

Here's the full bill.

Board Bill NO. 275

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