Misspellin' Missouri Newlyweds and Other Amazing Photos From St. Louis Reddit

Reddit alien St. Louis.jpg
Reddit St. Louis
St. Louis Alien sez, "Get a dictionary."
For the last, oh, three months or so, Daily RFT has been sitting on two photos we noticed on St. Louis Reddit, the subreddit for locals who want to celebrate and/or mock St. Louis and the great state in which we live. We decided that, per the rule of threes, we would not share these photos until a third, worthy candidate made its way to the internet.

And boy did it. A Missouri couple has created a minor Reddit sensation by celebrating their nuptials in the traditionally decorated getaway car. But Chevy Aveo's don't come with a spell check. Is that their fault?

After the jump, newlyweds who are hookt on fonix, and two other random images we love of St. Louis being amazing/the worst.


Motorized vehicle liquor dept.jpg

This one's on the tamer end of the spectrum, but dear god, we have so many questions about what lead up to the need for this sign.


Butt Plug Bandit.jpg

For the record, Daily RFT did everything in our power to report this one out. The manager at this particular sex shop would not tell us what happened or anything about the legacy of the Butt Plug Bandit. The local police department had no reports of lifted butt plugs from this location either. So we were rendered powerless to prevent future butt plug heists and the world may never know the story...


Just Meryed.jpg

Alright. Surely there is a alternate explanation for this. Maybe the girl's name is Mery?Maybe they were trying to make a pun about being "merry" and they messed that up? In any case, someone might want to double-check that marriage certificate. Who know what the fuck these two signed.

In conclusion, god bless you, Reddit St. Louis. What would we do without you.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Idiotic article. The no carts in the liquor section is due to those crazy assed scooter drivers steering by the Helen Keller method. And the newlyweds do not decorate their own car, the lame ass relatives do that. Usually a second cousin that was never invited in the first place, but came along with a cousin you do like. A very intelligent man once said, "It is a poor man who only knows one way to spell a word." It is the art of communication if your spelling allows the reader to understand your message.

Please stop trying to make fun of other people. Have some respect for fellow humans, and maybe our society will start showing some respect for others as well.

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