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Salud, Nicholas Phillips.
Just an FYI to our regular readers. Today is Nicholas Phillips last day manning the Riverfront Times news blog. But don't despair. Phillips still plans to write for us on occasion until he leaves St. Louis this spring to pursue a career as a freelance writer in Latin America.

You read that right. Apparently (impossibly even) Phillips was earning too much at RFT and must now truly slum it. He's also hoping Latin Americans will give the patchwork Che-Guevara beard he's recently sprouted the respect he feels it deserves. Buena suerte with that one!

As for the future of Daily RFT, it's in good hands.

Sam Levin, a New York City native and current writer and blogger for our sister paper Denver Westword, will be taking Phillips' place later this month. Levin has established himself as a voracious reporter in Denver and is eager to begin work in St. Louis. You can check him out @SamTLevin prior to his start here on January 21.

In the meantime, the rest of us will continue to provide you a daily dose of the news from an RFT perspective. You know, cynical as all hell.

Goodbye, Nicky. We'll miss you.

Below are just a few of the highlights from Phillips' three years at Riverfront Times...
- Jeff Foiles was a rock star in the world of waterfowl hunting -- until the feds drew a target on his back
- Cannonball Re-Run: A screwball crew of gearheads retool the outlaw cross-country car race
- Cops believe Reggie Allen mowed down an unarmed black man outside an east-side club more than a year ago. So why isn't he behind bars?

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@hobbes Don't give Nick too much credit.  He is a soft suburbanite from the gentle streets of Kirkwood.  He had never experienced a crime or even seen a hipster until he moved to New York for journalism school.  Rumor has it that he doesn't even like toasted ravioli.  I'm sure this new guy will do just fine.


Subject: obama is wrong for America

obama is wrong for America.

    The turmoil started by obama and the democratic party over gun ownership is designed to ultimately identify the locations of all weapons found within the boundaries of the United States.     obama hopes to destroy the Second Amendment and, in the end, confiscate all weapons, privately owned under the Second Amendment.     To take away Automatic Weapons and the extended length clips is no more than his attempt to first weaken the Second Amendment then destroy it totally.     All of you anti-gun activists screaming in unison with obama to chip away at the Second Amendment have completely forgotten about a man who Killed 168 U.S., citizens, Killed 19 Children under the age of 6, injured over 680 people including children all of this carnage at one time.     The results of this massacre, brought on  Immediate Gun Control legislation ? well, No, because no weapon was used.   Then, what was used to control the items used to cause this massacre, and can this horrible deed be repeated  ?     What out cry from these same people calling for the confiscation of Assault Weapons resulted is the passing of Legislation so that this massacre can never happen again ?    Nothing.     The Purchase of Fertilizer, nope still able to purchase,: the purchase of Fuel, nope, still able to purchase,: rental of Box trucks, nope again, still able to rent.:   So the Timothy McVeigh destruction can easily be repeated any day, any hour, any minute any time and any where.


How about hiring local for once? Someone who has actually lived here. You'd think out of a city of how many million, you could find one journalist. I guess New Yorkers are smarter than St. Louisans. I guess they know all about our neighborhoods, crime  rates, hipsters, traditions, etc. I am done with the RFT.


Bon voyage Nick and best of luck.  Really enjoyed your articles and blog posts.

chad_garrison moderator editor

@hobbes FTR, we interviewed a couple St. Louis reporters before landing on Mr. Levin. We believe he'll be a great fit. Based on his track record, he'll be up to speed in no time. 


@hobbes Dont forget, the RFT is not a locally owned paper.  Though I agree that I would think they would put some local effort into it.


@HopeditWasChad @hobbes Exactly, but they will piss and moan about buying local, and supporting local, but then these are the guys who fled the city for the county.

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