Serial Arson in Benton Park?

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Photo by Nicholas Phillips
Fire-damaged house on Missouri
Captain Dan Sutter of the city fire department confirms to Daily RFT that yes, there have been three structure fires on the 3300 block of Missouri in Benton Park since December 15.

Two occurred last Friday; in the later one, someone set a couch on fire inside an abandoned house, according to a police report.

That's three fires, on the same block, over a three-week period? Hmmm.....there are already several rehabs on that block. Maybe somebody wants to make room for new houses.

Barb Potts, the neighborhood stabilization officer, sent out an e-mail that was posted on Cherokee Street News, urging residents: "Please on your daily outings go out of your way to drive that block and report to the police if you see something suspicious."

Captain Sutter says all three blazes are under investigation by the fire department.

Here's one of the structures:

Photo by Nicholas Phillips

Here's another. This one, at the north end of the block, has a "condemned" sign on it:

Photo by Nicholas Phillips

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Isn't that the way you clear land in St.Louis? That method also worked well in E.St.Louis too!!!


Maybe someone is trying to find the lost entrance to the English Cave?

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