Smoking Ban: St. Louis County Council Considers Fewer Exemptions, Stricter Policy

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O'Mara's proposal contains some new language -- but the most notable change is the removal of these three exemptions, which are written this way in the current policy:

-Cigar bars, provided such entity is in operation on or before the effective date of this chapter and provided that smoke does not infiltrate into areas where smoking is otherwise prohibited;

-Casino gaming areas;

-Drinking establishments which are in operation on or before the effective date of this chapter; provided, however, that no smoke infiltrates into areas where smoking is otherwise prohibited, and further provided that each such drinking establishment has posted in a place visible to the public from its exterior a certificate of exemption issued by the Department of Revenue pursuant to Section 605.076;

Other exemptions that remain under this bill, which was introduced last week, include private residences, private clubs, rehabilitative facilities, permanently designated smoking rooms, retail establishments in which food is not prepared on the premises and where more than sixty percent of the volume of trade or businesses carried on is the sale of tobacco and tobacco-related products, and more.

Bill Hannegan photo.jpeg
Photo by Jennifer Silverberg
Bill Hannegan

Hannegan, who has been outspoken about smoking bans for years, says that this is the time to go back to the drawing board and create fair policies that businesses support.

"I've been doing this for eight years," he says. "A lot of people wouldn't believe this is still an issue."

Continue for a full draft of the bill and Hannegan's letter.

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