St. Louis Fails Transparency Review: MoPIRG Criticizes City for Lack of Accountability

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Sprague points out that even some members of the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen find it difficult to navigate budget information, which is important to their decision-making. The group's news release offers this quote from Scott Ogilvie, Alderman for the 24th Ward: "I hear from many Saint Louis residents that they are expecting a higher level of technology integrated into the services that the city provides. We have tremendous potential for improvement in many of these areas."

St. Louis Transparency.jpg
St. Louis at the bottom.

Paul Payne, the city's budget director, tells Daily RFT that he has not yet seen the report, but adds, "All of our budget documents are available online as well as our financial reports."

Here's the full report.

Transparency in City Spending

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