Terrell Reed, 21, Charged With Robbing Two Women on South Grand

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Terrell Reed, charged with robbing two women off South Grand
Right around Thanksgiving, two women were robbed just steps away from the South Grand Business District.

Today, a young man from the Tower Grove East neighborhood was charged with the crime.

Terrell Reed, a 21-year-old from the 3200 block of Arsenal Street, now faces two counts of first-degree robbery for the incident that occurred on November 25.

At 6:45 that evening, the two victims -- both white females, according to police -- had climbed out of their vehicle and were putting their teacher bags in the trunk when Reed approached.

He put a hard object to the side of one woman's body, said it was a gun and demanded her stuff. She gave him her satchel, which contained a phone, wallet and $10.

Then Reed walked over to the driver's side and made the same demand. That victim said her belongings were in the car. He instructed her to pull them out. Instead, she threw her bag and keys on the ground.

Reed went over, picked up the keys, climbed into the car and drove off with the car and what was in it, i.e., a laptop, camera and a GPS system.

His bond was set yesterday at $150,000, cash-only.

Reed was previously been convicted of robbery and armed criminal action in 2010. He was sentenced to five years, according to online info provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections' inmate locator, but it appears he was already out on probation for those offenses.

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egolterman topcommenter

Here is a thought: Go to powerful 'providers' of sports or musical entertainment in the City of St. Louis-who pocket the ticket tax revenue-starting with the Cardinals and Busch Stadium, but it doesn't end with the Cardinals. Require them to turn over the ticket tax revenue they 'strong-armed' from  weak negotiators in what continue to be 'bad' deals for the City. Apply that money immediately to hiring, training and deploying 200 more city police officers. How much is the City denied a year? $25 million or more. Every year. Sunshine it. Do the list of those keeping the tax money and total the amount.

Every admission to Busch Stadium-how much lose. To the Fox-how much lose. The latest-to Scottrade Center and the opera house (though it hosts very few for-admission shows or concerts),  The others. Sunshine it. You do this kind of stuff well-thorough and accurate. Let others deal with Archibald-gate,that's pocket change.


scott19674 topcommenter

@egolterman Are you lost? This story was about a worthless asshole robbing people.

Hopefully he will get his ass shanked in the big house.

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