UFO Over St. Charles County? Probably Not, KTVI Fox 2 Investigation Finds

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UFO, Fox 2.jpg
UFO? Fox 2 is on it.
Did Google Street View capture an unidentified flying object over St. Charles County? KTVI Fox 2 says that "many are still debating" the content of an image that could maybe, possibly be a mysterious UFO. And who exactly is debating this? Not John Lakey of the St. Louis Science Center -- the only person interviewed in one of the more absurd local news segment in recent memory.

The news story includes some wonderful quotes from Lakey, like this:

"That's almost certainly a lens flair effect. Yeah, it just looks like an artifact from a lens."

And this: "An alien spacecraft is probably one of the most least likely of things that an unidentified object may be."


The reporter relies on Lakey, from the McDonnel Planetarium, to investigate the strange image captured in Google in St. Peters off Dingledine Road.

Spoiler alert: The segment ends with "UF-Oh-No." Yeahhhh.

Here's the video, courtesy of KTVI.

Our favorite part? When the reporter learns that it's probably not an alien or UFO in the sky, crosses his arms, says, "Darn" -- and makes this pouty face:

KTVI screenshot.jpg
KTVI screenshot

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I saw a similar, intense trail of white smoke being created by what I assumed was a plane or helicopter with a single flashing light around midnight last night over Forest Park in St. Louis City. What struck me was this intensity of the trail and how it didn't dissipate. I assumed somehow the intense hot exhaust was being contained by the still, clear and very cold night air.


old news...this has already been determined to be a LENS FLARE!!!!....i have many of these in my own personal sky pix...

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