Abortion Ban Bill: John McCaherty Wants To Limit Sex Selection And Genetic Terminations

The bill was introduced last week and McCaherty says he is expecting a lot of negative feedback -- but feels confident that in Missouri, residents will support it.

"Everybody talks about the war on women," he says. "Probably the biggest war on women we have is in the womb."

Representative Stacey Newman, a Democrat who has been outspoken on the topic, says she hasn't seen the specifics of this proposal yet, but is definitely not a fan.

"It's beyond reasonable. I'm pretty enraged," she tells Daily RFT. "It's just another insult to women's choices.... These are very, very private, personal situations that the legislature has no business interfering with."

In regards to targeting doctor "coercion," she adds, "We're trying to say women are too dumb to know better? Doctors are coercing them into procedures without their knowledge?... That's crazy."

Here's the bill.

House Bill 386

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