Abortion Ban Bill: John McCaherty Wants To Limit Sex Selection And Genetic Terminations

The bill was introduced last week and McCaherty says he is expecting a lot of negative feedback -- but feels confident that in Missouri, residents will support it.

"Everybody talks about the war on women," he says. "Probably the biggest war on women we have is in the womb."

Representative Stacey Newman, a Democrat who has been outspoken on the topic, says she hasn't seen the specifics of this proposal yet, but is definitely not a fan.

"It's beyond reasonable. I'm pretty enraged," she tells Daily RFT. "It's just another insult to women's choices.... These are very, very private, personal situations that the legislature has no business interfering with."

In regards to targeting doctor "coercion," she adds, "We're trying to say women are too dumb to know better? Doctors are coercing them into procedures without their knowledge?... That's crazy."

Here's the bill.

House Bill 386

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So they cant ban it outright, but they make it damn near impossible to get.  I thought these were the loons that were all about personal freedoms and small government?

Before long, they will make women write a full length novel in order to have this procedure since in the time it takes, the baby will be born.  No matter if its a wanted child or not, if it was created from a rape or worse, even if it is being born into bone crushing poverty where food is sometimes not an option.  Just as long as it pops out and then someone else can worry about it.

And they wonder why republicans are so unpopular.

Michael Mahler
Michael Mahler

Since when do doctors EVER DECIDE for the woman when to get an abortion?

KarateKid SplitLip
KarateKid SplitLip

I will NEVER understand how on earth lawmakers, esp males, think it is right to make laws regarding your healthcare between you and your doc . If a Dr. misguides or coerces me, isn't that what lawyers and malpractice insurance is for? Lets just bog down the system with more b.s so if someone does need to sue, it is nearly impossible because of some law. How about we concentrate on the economy? That way we can afford the babies this guy won't let us abort...

Jeffrey Houska
Jeffrey Houska

There is no way I could ever say think or believe that people should be allowed to end the life if a child inside of them .

Jeri Michelle Reuter
Jeri Michelle Reuter

My brother was born with Trisomy; I and others in my family have the potential to have a child like him. I love my brother, but it's not the life my mother envisioned, affecting her life and all our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Would I continue a pregnancy that would give me that same way of life? I certainly don't know...but I want that choice. Say what you will, but until you've walked in that persons shoes, you will never understand. This bill is BS.

Nicholas Frisella
Nicholas Frisella

"Obviously, I'm pro-life and my intent would be to limit the number of abortions happening. Would this bill do that? I don't know....." - John McCaherty

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