Have Boobs, Will Write Comedic Erotica: St. Louis Writer Alice Clayton Talks Books, Travel

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Inspiration for this "smut" can come from anywhere. For Wallbanger, Clayton said her "aha" moment came when she was shopping at a cosmetics store, with a PetSmart next door. The store was putting in a new pet hotel, and Clayton could hear the banging racket the construction workers were making. As soon as she got to her car, she called her friend and said, "I have my next book."

Erotica from pet hotel construction. Steamy.

When she's not writing Redhead #3, due sometime this spring, Clayton has been working on shooting a "sizzle reel" for her Have Boobs, Will Travel idea. The concept? Three women and one man, all crowd into a wood-paneled station wagon, "like Griswold family truckster," and drive in search of adventure.

Clayton says Have Boobs Will Travel is about "women in their thirties, racing towards their forties, kind of checking things off their bucket list."

And what a bucket list it is. The crew met director Michael Bay while climbing on a fire engine at the Bel-Air fire station, and Clayton had a male stripper from Hollywood Men (the troop that trained the cast of Magic Mike) thrust his junk repeatedly into her face.

You would think male strippers would be right up an erotic novelist's alley, but Clayton said "when the music came on and they're grinding all up on us, I flipped out."

Clayton and her co-stars are searching for a network to air the show.

But for now life is still simple for Clayton, and it's back to her first love: baking. The KitchenAid mixer is calling, and it's saying, "Bake some zucchini bread." Or some apple crisp. We hear Alice Clayton bakes a mean apple crisp.

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