Anti-Bullying Bill: Will Missouri Lawmakers Pass Legislation To Mandate School Policies?

This her third time sponsoring the bill; the debates in the past have been about what is called "enumeration," which refers to specifying protections for specific groups of students that face discrimination, such as LGBT youth.

In the past, some Republicans have supported language that explicitly bans enumeration in policies -- which sparked opposition from Democrats who thought it was wrong to block efforts to make bullying against LGBT students a stated part of the policy.

It appears that this time there is no language barring enumeration.

"It would be up to local control," says Allen, who adds that she personally does not support enumeration. "Once you start listing...where are you gonna stop?"

She says, "No my opinion is any more precious than anyone else."

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Allen notes that there is no fiscal cost to this measure and that at a hearing this week, she only heard positive feedback.

"I can only hope and pray [that the bill passes]," she says. "I'm hoping three's a charm."

Here's the bill.

House Bill 134

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