Bicycle Ban Bill: Will Missouri Lawmakers Prohibit Cycling on Some State Roads?

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Hugh also points out that Missouri is currently considering an $8 billion transportation funding proposal through a tax that voters must support.

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Representative Bart Korman

"Cyclists aren't gonna vote for eight billion dollars in funding for Missouri transportation...when we are banned," he says.

Generally, these bills are presented as important safety measures -- that it's better for cyclists to avoid roads where cars ride. But Hugh says that these kinds of initiatives never work in practice and notes that his group has successfully fought them in the past.

"It's disappointing to see them trying to turn back the clock twenty years," he says, adding that ultimately drivers just don't want to be inconvenienced, even if they present it as a safety measure. "It's always ironic that the same people that tend to argue that government should not infringe upon our freedoms...say that for bicycle safety, we better ban bicycles on this road. It's a huge philosophical contradiction."

We left a message for Representative Korman on Friday and will update if we hear back.

Here's the draft bill, courtesy of MoBikeFed.

Bicycle Bill

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