Blooper Videos: The Best On-Air Weather Broadcast Meltdowns in the Midwest

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weather man freakout image.jpg
Freakout! Videos below.
In honor of the Facebook meltdown of FOX 2 Meteorologist Chris Higgins this week -- part of an angry response to his haters -- here at Daily RFT, we decided to compile some of the best recent weather broadcast debacles in the midwest for your viewing pleasure this Friday morning.

From angry weathermen to camera mishaps to out-of-control laughter, below are our top eight favorites from the region.

8. Where'd the weather woman go?

This KRCG report on the forecast for Columbia and Jefferson City was going great -- until giant machinery got in the way.

7. Calling the graphics department!

What exactly is making these two WHIZ broadcasters laugh?

Continue for more of our midwest weather blooper reel.

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Dan Porter
Dan Porter

Chris Higgins meltdown? I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

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