Guns: GOP Bill Bans Schools From Asking About Parents' Firearms, Puts Limits On Doctors

Schaaf's opposition has nothing to do with guns -- and the senator behind the bill might have good intentions, he notes. Still, he argues there's never been a policy like this in Missouri and under no circumstance should doctors face these sorts of restrictions.

"Medical records basically exist to document for the next person coming along so that they can pick up the...record and continue the treatment of the patient," he says. "To say that I can't write something down in a medical record, to me is wrong."

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State Senator Rob Schaaf, right

It's unclear exactly how this policy could be enforced, but as written, a violation by a school employee would be punishable as an "infraction," which carries a fine of up to $200. Health care professionals would receive "disciplinary action" related to their licensing.

Here's the draft.

Senate Bill 266

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