Guns: GOP Bill Bans Schools From Asking About Parents' Firearms, Puts Limits On Doctors

Schaaf's opposition has nothing to do with guns -- and the senator behind the bill might have good intentions, he notes. Still, he argues there's never been a policy like this in Missouri and under no circumstance should doctors face these sorts of restrictions.

"Medical records basically exist to document for the next person coming along so that they can pick up the...record and continue the treatment of the patient," he says. "To say that I can't write something down in a medical record, to me is wrong."

Rob Schaaf, right.jpg
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State Senator Rob Schaaf, right

It's unclear exactly how this policy could be enforced, but as written, a violation by a school employee would be punishable as an "infraction," which carries a fine of up to $200. Health care professionals would receive "disciplinary action" related to their licensing.

Here's the draft.

Senate Bill 266

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JamesMadison topcommenter

Let the shrinks ask their patients.

Glenn Gibson
Glenn Gibson

Must be why I am sick all of the time. Blame it on the gun.

Thee Lovingcup
Thee Lovingcup

Firearms ownership in medical records would be silly, a person can have a firearm one day, and sell it or destroy it the next day. It's not a permanent piece of information. And teachers/schools have no business asking children anything about what goes on at home unless there is an abuse issue or something.

Nicholas Frisella
Nicholas Frisella

I wish they were working on some bills to create job growth, protect our states parks, merging the county and city of St. Louis, and other truly useful legislation.

Peggy Keller
Peggy Keller

Doctors have been asking about guns for decades, they also ask if you have pets, who lives in the household etc. They asked me this when my daughter was an infant and she is now 24. The fact that people seem to be aware of this just now speaks volumes about medical confidentiality. If this were going to be an issue, it would have already been one. Dr's can ask what they want. If you chose to lie, then fine but you need to get a new Dr if you don't trust yours enough to admit you own a gun and you also need to examine why you feel such hesitation telling someone who is bound by law to keep your confidential information confidential. Maybe make an appt with a psych Dr for that paranoia.


Of course this legislation is wide-ranging and goes too far and I do not support it.  The problem is that gun-control advocates in this state like as Reps Stacey Newman, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, and Rory Ellinger have done the SAME THING with their idiotic legislation and STARTED THIS EXTREMIST RACE TO THE BOTTOM in the first place.  As a matter of fact this has become an excercise in extremism on both sides of the debate nationwide.  Gun owners like myself are willing to sit down and discuss these issues rationally with anyone on either side but we will not be demonized or turned into criminals as a basis for those discussions.  While I appreciate Rep. Nieves ill-fated and misguided attempt to defend my rights as a gun owner, I lament that such extreme actions have to be taken to counteract ridiculous legislation that would take my rights away for an illusion of communal safety.  Unfortunate  all around.

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