Bridgeton Landfill Official: We All "Want the Same Thing: To Dramatically Reduce the Odor"

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It might get worse.
In Bridgeton, Missouri, everyone wants the same thing -- a better smelling city.

So says the latest announcement from the company behind the Bridgeton landfill, which has come under fire in recent months for making the area smell so bad, residents say it can be painful.

Tim Trost, area president for Republic Services, the parent company of the Bridgeton Landfill, says in a press release about the smell, "We live here, work here and want the same thing -- to dramatically reduce the odor."

But how?

The landfill's stench first made headlines last month with a news segment featuring distraught residents struggling with the terrible, awful smell.

The company soon after released a statement that it was "very sorry" about the stench and that it would work to make it less smelly as quickly as possible.

Since then, the company says it has determined that the bad smell is not a health hazard -- but continues to smell bad and might, in the interim, get worse.

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In addition to pressure from news reports, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has given the company some attention with its study of air quality impacts and the causes of the smell.

In its latest announcement, Republic Services says that the Natural Resources department has set up a portable trailer, near the landfill off of St. Charles Rock Road, which will conduct ongoing air testing and provide information to the public about what efforts the company is making to reduce the odor.

Republic notes that residents should visit for updates and can call 1-855-807-2387 to hear more about how the business will make the area smell nicer.

Trost says in the news release, "We look forward to working with MDNR so that the public has confidence and faith in knowing that we are making progress on our plan to dramatically reduce the unpleasant odor."

Based on the Natural Resources studies, it seems the recent horrible odors came from a "subsurface smoldering event or corrective actions to address the subsurface smoldering event."

This "event" apparently caused increased landfill gas generation. The facility also experienced a break in a "leachate line," which led to a roughly ten-day period of "heightened odors" in January. During drilling of gas extraction the following month, odors unexpectedly intensified yet again.

MDNR says that Republic Services has a nine-week plan to address the odor issue -- but notes that during that time, "Residents and businesses in the area surrounding Bridgeton will likely notice periodic spikes in odors as these construction activities occur."

How do residents feel about this?

Continue for some of the best reader feedback and the full official announcements.

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Amy K. Holmes
Amy K. Holmes

We can smell this outside at work... So stinky!


As I'm reading this article at work ... I can't help but notice my eyes are watery from the burning stench .... about a mile away and I'm INDOORS in Earth City.

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

it's definitely getting worse - passing the Rock Rd on 270 this weekend it was awful. I'll have to remember to shut the vents when passing through there.

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