Bridgeton Landfill Official: We All "Want the Same Thing: To Dramatically Reduce the Odor"

After publishing the latest update, Daily RFT received some spirited comments from those who have experienced this firsthand. Here are some of our favorites:

I work in this area. Some nights are stinky, yes. But occasionally the smell is so overpowering that it literally makes me gag. I leave work, jump in my car, and I can't wait to get out of the area.
Driving up 270 at St. Charles Rock Road over the weekend - the smell was horrific. I had to close my vents in the car.
The smell is horrible!!!!
Yay, My company finally moved away from here! Start at the new location tomorrow.
It gives me a migraine. Daily and poor Olive Garden, Bob Evans ans Dierbergs Bakery. The smell cant help business.

And here's the full news release from Republic Services:

Republic Services, the parent company of Bridgeton Landfill LLC, Welcomes MDNR Trailer

(Bridgeton, Missouri): Tim Trost, the Area President for Republic Services, the parent company of Bridgeton Landfill LLC, today announced that he welcomed the decision of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to place a portable trailer near the landfill. The trailer is currently located in the Hussman parking lot off of St. Charles Rock Road.

Trost said, "We live here, work here and want the same result as the MDNR - to dramatically reduce the odor coming from the landfill while assuring the public that the air is safe to breathe."

It is Republic's understanding from conversations with MDNR that the trailer will conduct ongoing air testing and that it may provide information to the public about what Republic is doing to reduce the odor. Local residents may also want to visit Republic's website,, and can always call our toll-free number, 1-855-807-2387 to learn more about what we are doing to reduce the odor.

Concluded Trost, "We look forward to working with MDNR so that the public has confidence and faith in knowing that we are making progress on our plan to dramatically reduce the unpleasant odor."

And the latest update, via MDNR:

Odors surrounding the Bridgeton Landfill are attributable to the subsurface smoldering event or corrective actions to address the subsurface smoldering event:

-Increased landfill gas generated from the subsurface smoldering event.
-Construction activities performed to address the subsurface smoldering event and long-term odor control.
-In mid-January, the facility experienced a break in a leachate line resulting in a 1 1/2 week period with heightened odors.
In mid-February, during drilling of a gas extraction well odors unexpectedly intensified over several hours.

To address the odor issue, Bridgeton/Republic developed a nine-week plan. During these nine weeks, from approximately the end of February through the beginning of May, residents and businesses in the area surrounding Bridgeton will likely notice periodic spikes in odors as these construction activities occur.

In addition to tracking odor concerns, the Department of Natural Resources' Solid Waste Management Program and the St. Louis Regional Office are conducting odor surveillance inspections to evaluate the odor situation at the facility. At this time, Solid Waste Management Program and the St. Louis Regional Office staff will not be investigating each individual complaint as received. Each complaint will be read to determine whether immediate investigation is warranted. The Solid Waste Management Program will be logging and mapping complaints received.

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