Chris Carpenter's Five Best On-Field Obscenities

#4: October 24th, 2011 -- Cardinals at Rangers in Game 5 of the World Series, Carp vs. Mike Napoli

Mike Napoli flies to center field after homering earlier in the game.

Chris Carpenter's reaction: "Fuck you! You piece of shit! Fuck you!"

Read his lips at the end of this clip:

It was brilliant, particularly considering the fact it came in the middle of a World Series game, with roughly a billion people tuned in. Everyone in America had a front row seat to Carp's crazed outburst, and it was was just the best day. We even made a song about it.

Up next: Not even his fellow Cardinals are safe from Carpenter's wrath.

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My personal favorite is his reaction when he got hit by Edwin Jackson in Arizona.  

Bill Hamm
Bill Hamm

gotta appreciate a guy who took Bob Gibson lessons.

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