Chris Carpenter's Five Best On-Field Obscenities

#3: August 9, 2010 -- Cardinals at Reds, Carp vs. Brendan Ryan

Boy, that was a crazy week for Carp, wasn't it?

This is, quite honestly, the only one of these instances when I thought Carpenter was kind of in the wrong. And it makes the list specifically because of that. To yell and scream obscenities at an opponent is one thing; you may not like it or agree with it, or may think it's uncalled for, but still. Heat of the moment, competitive juices, all that stuff.

But dragging your own shortstop down into the tunnel to dress him down because he was late getting to his position when you were ready to pitch? That's a little less...something. Combine this with the persistent rumors that Ryan Ludwick's luggage-related injury was actually the result of a drunken altercation with Carpenter, and you start to think this might not be the guy you want to fuck with.

This was the moment I think most of us realized Carpenter might really be crazy, instead of just pretending.

Up next: Carp curses out Nyjer Morgan telepathically.

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My personal favorite is his reaction when he got hit by Edwin Jackson in Arizona.  

Bill Hamm
Bill Hamm

gotta appreciate a guy who took Bob Gibson lessons.

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